Tshirt quilts

I have just completed four tshirt quilts. Three of the quilts I used fusible interfacing on the back of each tshirt. The fourth I did not use any interfacing. When quilting the one without interfacing I slowed the machine down to about 10-15% speed. Although it took a while to quilt I have very few pulls and tucks from the old well worn tshirts.

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need quilting done for gifts

Do you need some long arm quilting done by the holidays. If so you will want to get with a long arm quilter soon. We get busy quickly. Homemade gifts especially quilts are treasured when made specifically for the individual or family.

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Unfinished quilt tops

I keep on hearing from quilters about UFO’s. I would like to start a discussion on UFO’s. This can be quilt tops that have never been quilted but are complete or unfinished quilt tops.

What can we do to decrease UFO’s?
What can Long Armers do to decrease UFO’s that are just unquilted?
Is there a way these items can be combined or quilted and then donated?
How many homeless would appreciate a quilted blanket this winter and can we as quilters help provide?

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Js Uniquely Yours

looking for small bits of cotton material. I am on a mission to make a quilt with crosses. I would like to get a large variety of just bits of fabric and using applique technique layer crosses to create a quilt. Idea came to me months ago and keeps on coming back to me when I am at church.

just small bits of cotton fabric not large amount as each material will only be used once.

binding leftover scraps would work great as these already are cut in straight strips

Quilt will be donated to a childrens Christian Home.

please send bits of material to
1143 mill ridge drive
lawrenceville, ga 30046

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Js Uniquely Yours

Welcome to Js Uniquely Yours.  After approximately 30 years in the IT industry, I have decided to start my own business from my quilting and sewing hobbies.  I have purchased a Gammill Statler Stitcher and I am thoroughly enjoying quilting my tops and tops of others on the long arm machine.  I am looking forward to providing unique quality service.

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